A bit more about me and an introduction.

Hi, I am Niamh and I am 17 and from just outside of London. I am currently a sixth form student studying for my Alevels which are: Psychology, English and Art with the view of going to university to study either journalism or psychology... I haven't yet decided and its a decision which is being forced on me very suddenly and not going to lie it makes me nervous but I think part of this blog will be me exploring this. There are many topics in the media today which affect my generation massively however we don't get much of a voice, I want to discuss these topics and give my own point of view on them and get them out there.

I do also suffer from a few health conditions which have effected my teenage years massively one is Hypermobility syndrome which causes me chronic pain, dislocations and sublaxtions. I would love to raise awareness for this conditions well as connecting with other people who suffer with it or similar conditions. 

Niamh xx


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