Making friends online... what they don't tell you

Stranger danger is something that is drilled into us from a young age. Another piece of advice we get told is to not talk to anyone online. Yes the internet can be a very dangerous place, where you can fall into traps, however social media has also enabled me to connect to some amazing people and create some strong friendships.

When you first get a diagnosis, despite what doctors say, we all google it! And that is exactly what I did! This is how I stumbled across the instagram community, where people were sharing their stories and lives with chronic health conditions, so I followed a few pages and soon found myself drawn in.

There is something so special that comes from talking to people who "just get it!" Something that no doctor, nurse, family member or friend will ever have no matter how much they understand your condition. Connecting to people who are just like you and understand you can be so rewarding, you can tell them anything and they just understand, offer advice and support you. 

So recently I have met up with two of my closest friends I have made online after talking to each other for over a year! Honestly they are two of the strongest people I know and its been lovely getting to know them in person. 

Yes the internet can be dangerous but it has also been a massive support for me and what they don't tell you is that you can make some amazing friends!


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