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All about tape and why I wear it

I have had to wear tape since November, and I feel now I have enough experience to write about it and my experiences with it. I get asked a tonne of questions as to why I wear it and what it does so I'm hoping to answer all those questions here and put rumours to rest.
So I tape my knee, ankle and wrist, occasionally my elbow but really just depends. I wear tape because it supports my joints and helps steady them, especially with my ankle and wrist as they dislocate and sublax really easily. Tape also allows my tendons and muscles not to work as hard and gives them a rest in supporting them, because with hypermobility my muscles, tendons and everything has to work 100 times harder than the average person.

Right at the start I only wore tape that was nude so it would blend into my skin so no one would notice as I felt very insecure, but over time I've branched out and got some brighter colours, only because they look nicer. I still fell in public that people stare especially when you have it on multiple joints and to be honest I don't think everyones aware you are wearing it for a medical reason. Like it does look a bit weird but without it I would be in more pain than I already am. 

Tape honestly does wreck my skin especially on my wrist and hand area, so if I didn't need to wear it, I wouldn't, as it hurts! But the benefits it provides out weigh the negatives and honestly it helps me so much.


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