Things I want to do and goal setting...

So the summer is nearly at an end... and a new school year is unfortunately in sight, nevertheless my last school year ever! Year 13, Alevels, so much work but also there will be prom and without a doubt a lot of memories. I've had a lot of time to think over the past 2 weeks being on holiday and I thought a good post to do would be goals I want to achieve in this final school year and things I want to do.

So my first goal is to do with this blog I really want to try and blog once a week or at least once every 2 weeks. I know when I start back at school my English alevel coursework starts and that's probably going to take up a lot of time and not going to lie sometimes the last thing I want to do after writing an essay is write for myself, but in saying that I am really going to try as I've really fallen in love with blogging this summer.

Have fun and make memories is a big one for me, I have my 18th birthday in January and with majority of my friends turning 18, kick starting in September I don't think this one is going to be hard to do. Something me and my friends also want to do is go interrailing next summer, which will be amazing, I'm so excited already!

So surronding school work I really want to do well in my Alevels, I'm not going to talk about grades but I really just want to open that envelope on results day next summer and be proud of myself, saying that I would really love to get into my first choice uni doing either English language and linguistics or psychology. I'm still making up my mind but I'm leaning towards English at the moment. Another goal it's not really to do with school but I'm going to put it in this paragraph anyways is to pass my driving test, I recently took my theory and passed it and I sort of want to pass my practical test my October but we will see how that goes....

Health goals, I always find this a difficult one, because I feel like they are always the hardest to achieve because something can so easily go wrong, and I feel like in the past when I have done this I've actually never achieved it... I think I set them too high and then get frustrated and disappointed with myself, so these may not seem much but they are a big deal to me. The first one is to become stronger, I'm not going to say getting discharged from physio because I don't know how likely that is but just that bit stronger than I am now. With that I need to learn my limits BIG TIME because I do things that I know will be bad for me and I push myself through them and then no surprise I pay for them, so I need to find that balance! But overall I want to be much more positive about it all, stuff that happens, happens and I want to worry less about it all and just take everything as it comes!

I'm excited for this year and what it will bring... not the work... but the other stuff. All in all I want to work hard, be happy and make memories. I will definitely be updating throughout the year with how this all goes but I can't wait!


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