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How I Organise My Life...

Hi everyone, recently I have read a lot of these posts, on how people organise themselves and I personally actually really enjoy reading them. So I thought I would show you guys my way I stay organised!

The first way is I have a diary. Yes having technology is amazing but personally I find it easier to just write everything down. So I have this diary:

It's an August through to August diary. It is slightly bigger than your usual diaries which are normally around A5 size this one is in-between the A4 and A5 size and a bit wider. Not that, that is a problem at all and inside explains why. I also got it off amazon.

It then has a double page spread for a monthly overview, where I put school deadlines/important dates. Then free time events, when I'm working etc. 

Then it has weekly plans with to do lists down the side. So on the left I put any lessons I have that day or what I'm doing. Then on the right any school work I have got to do or just everyday things I have to remember. I then use a green highlighter to cross off anything I do.

I then have a smaller notebook which I use mainly for lists or planning. So for art I have large projects I have to work on constantly so I will write lists of artists I have to research, photos I have to take, things I have to get/physically do.

Also in this diary I tape the edges of the paper of anything important or things I know I will have to come back to. 

So that's how I organise myself. Obviously I also colour code everything!
I hope you have enjoyed this post,
Niamh xxx


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