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Eighteenth Birthday Celebrations

I'm now an adult! WOW and in these last 11 days I've booked to go inter-railing, booked flights, called the tax office (was on the phone for over an hour... dullest thing I have ever done!) and I've opened a savings account. Don't think I'm doing too bad as an adult!

My birthday was actually on a Monday and the first day back at sixth form which was kind of rubbish... I mean double English and double Psychology doesn't really fill you with excitement. But then at lunchtime we went to the pub for my first legal drink! Then I went to another pub that evening with my parents, so I did 18th right! The day before though I did have a family party which was lovely and I really enjoyed it.
The following day I had to travel to Portsmouth for a university interview (where I got an unconditional offer). I stayed with one of my best friends (who I only get to see every now and again) and we went out for lunch then spent the whole evening revising (for her exam) and watching the news (for my interview). It was so amazing to see Gemma though! The best birthday present!

I have then been out a few times into London since and also had a family meal out.

It seems crazy that I am now 18 even though I look like 16... which is definitely reflected by how many times I get asked to show my ID!

Niamh xxx


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