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It's the millennium babies year!!!! 2018!!!

So I come to you a few days into 2018, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! So far my 2018 has been pretty uneventful, I've had my first hospital appointment of the year and apart from that I've been doing art work as I have a deadline on Monday ahhhh (which is also my 18th birthday!) Crazy how time fly's like can't I be 12 again?!? I don't want to be an adult! Except I never have to worry about ID ever again, aha. Anyway I came on here to talk about what I intend to do In 2018.

It is kinda (very) big year for me. Alevel exams for one... but hey in 6 months time I will be partying. Also hopefully I will be starting university to do journalism! Which I am so excited about! It all seems so crazy that I am growing up and going to university!

I know the majority of my audience comes here to hear about my health journey, so health wise...  I'm determined to become stronger and just have it as less of a worry in the back of my mind. I have also decided to become a volunteer for Arthritis Care helping other young people. They have been a massive help to me over the past year and a half so I am loving the fact I can give back to them and help others! I also intend to raise awareness for HSD and PoTS as well as raise money to help with research!

Me and my best friend are also going to travel Europe for part of our summer. Which is so exciting! I can't wait! We've only just started planning it. I think we are going to be stopping in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Venice but we are looking into doing two more destinations. Any suggestions please contact me! We also plan on going to a few festivals and basically party all summer aha!

2018 is going to be packed and pretty intense at times. It is by far the biggest year of my life! Equally though it is definitely going to be a lot of fun! I intend to keep blogging and growing my audience! I want to talk a bit more about fashion as that is something I want to go into more but I am so shocked how far this blog has come in a year! Love you all and hope you all have an amazing 2018!!

Love Niamh xxx

A few photos from the end of 2017. 
Picture 1: Dress - Forever 21, Boots - Boohoo 
Picture 2: Coat - Zara, Scarf - Newlook, Jeans - Topshop and shoes Nike.


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