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 I applied to university in October 2017 and will be starting in September 2018..hopefully! I was accepted on to 5/5 of the courses I applied to with 4 conditional offers and one unconditional offer, these offers included 2 russel group universities. I did university tests and completed an individual interview as well as a group interview. This was a highly requested post and as the next year are starting to look around universities and complete UCAS applications it was a perfect time to write this post.

Personal Statement
Your personal statement really needs to stand out, you need to show that you are excited and engaged in the course but NEVER use the word passion!!! (Everyone uses it and its better to prove you have a passion rather than just stating it.) Its good to do an introduction - why are you excited about applying for the course, show an interest in a particular part and show your knowledge. The second paragraph you could talk about your current courses - what you have enjoyed, why they make you an ideal candidate. In the third paragraph talk about all your work expirence and volunteering; how they have improved you as a person and what skills you have developed. The final paragraph is to sum up everything you have said maybe talk about your future and what you hope to do or what you are excited about in the course you are applying to. 
Write your personal statement at least three times. Get people other than teachers to check it. I got my Physio therapist as well as other people who knew me closely to check it. I also got someone who reads personal statemnets at a university to check mine, which was a connection I made. 
Keep your personal statement precise, cut out unnessasery words and get to the point, universities read tonnes of applictions, makesure yours stands out. 

Group interviews are by far the worst type of interviews but just make sure you get your point across and state your opinion clearly. In my group interview there was probably about 10 of us and me and one other guy were the only people speaking! We had to debate and state opinions on current issues in the news. I got my hand up first to answer and just kept chipping in my opinion through out, I think I was quite lucky in the fact that no one else was really speaking so I could just show off all my knowledge. Nevertheless stand your ground and show off your knowledge.
Personal interviews, be confident: look the interviewer in the eye and talk aabout everything you have done and why you are ideal for the course. While prepping for the interview come up with key speaking points: what are the top three things you have done or achieved that you want the interviewer to know about. Make sure you have knowledge about the course and in specific areas as they may test your knowledge. Finally be you in the interview, they really just want to get to know you and everything you have done and always have some questions prepped about the course, this shows your interest further.

I hope this has helped and if you have any further questions please get in contact via email or social media. Good Luck!

Love, Niamh xx 


  1. Congrats on getting all them offers, that's amazing. These tips are so helpful, I'd never really heard of them when I was applying but they make so much sense. Good luck at uni x

  2. These are some really great tips! I feel like they will be incredibly useful to the people out there who are nervous and unsure about just how to phrase and frame their applications. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on getting accepted on all of them!
    These a very useful advices. And it's good that you state that much used word and better to avoid it.
    When you do, I think that it makes you stand out from the rest , doesn't it? :)
    Here in Holland you don't always have to go on a interview in order to be accepted, but in some cases they do look at your previous results because some studies are highly required. and there's only so much space in the courses.
    was interesting to read this :)
    Rose -

    1. It definitely does! Same here we don’t always have interviews I had 2 interviews out of the 5 universities I applied for. Some unis just want to get to know you a little better! Thanku xxx

  4. Great tips and such an informative post!! Congratulations on being accepted on all of these applications! Xx

  5. These are such helpful tips, congrats on ok the offers x

  6. It always amazes me how much work you have to do to get accepted into a college or university. There are group and individual interviews and lots of writing essays etc. Your post will help others who need to complete the same process.

  7. Well done on the offers, I'm sure it's such a relief for you. I'll be heading back to Uni, too. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

    Great wee tips and great explanation on the tips, too. x


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