Day in the life... (Gin sweets!)

This was a highly requested post and I honestly have no idea why because my life really isn't that interesting but here we go... A day in the life of a university student:
7:30am: Get up, get ready and eat an apple!
8:00am: Leave the flat and commence the walk down to university which take about 30 minutes, especially in the morning when I'm too tired to walk quickly!

8:30am: Shorthand lecture, I have to attend shorthand lectures every morning... unfortunately and I need to be able to write 100 words in a minute before I can drop it!!!
10:am: Alice, Mel and I head to the library for an hour, where I managed to answer one email and drink some coffee, Mel is the only one who is ever productive at this time in the morning!

11:am: We then headed to our analysing news lecture where along the way we got handed free gin sweets... which we naturally ate to get us through the next lecture!
Midday: We headed to a café where we did some more work and ate some lunch.
1:00am: Our final lecture of the day which was on social media.
2:00pm: We head back up the hill, stopping at morrisons along the way to try and find some mould cleaner… unsuccessful! (if anyone would like to gift me mould cleaner for my rank uni bathroom I would be most grateful!)
The afternoon: I completed the tasks I had to for my seminar on Thursday and did the online lecture.

The evening: I made my dinner which was bubble and squeak... as the night before I discovered that my packet of potatoes were growing things so I cut them all up and made roast potatoes and I still had loads left so I decided to make a boxing day classic of bubble and squeak which was probably one of the best meals I have made at uni so far! Then after a quick catch up with the flat... still trying to work out what exactly went on after Saturday night! I headed to my room where I practiced my shorthand! I'm super determined to pass it asap!!!!

8:30pm: Facetimed Amy which was sooooo lovely for the best part of 2 hours!
10:30pm: I washed my hair and got to bed ready for my 7:30am start again the next day!

Monday nights are pretty boring but on other days I play netball, or go out for drinks, or for dinner or on a night out really just depends on the week! But there we go that's a day in my life as a university student, not that interesting but you requested so here we go!

The next few weeks may be quite a few university type posts as they were really highly requested on my Instagram polls... so I hope you enjoy!

Love Niamh x


  1. This post is so interning. Call me nosey but I love seeing more info peoples lives

    1. Haha I'm the same! I love reading these kind of posts so thought I would give it a try!

  2. Sometimes it's good to see more into people's life! This post does remind me of my typical university day now it's nothing like this. Being an adult and working is definitely hard.

    Gemma |


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