Life update...

Hi everyone!!!
I know its been a long time! Again! But I haven't been slacking off... far from it, I've actually been working on a few different exciting projects!

Alongside this I have started university where I am studying Journalism. Which so far I'm really enjoying, so yeah I have been pretty busy!

I am now in week three of university so I'm getting well into the swing of things and I now know my schedule a bit better, so I thought I would discuss what I am going to be doing on this blog!

I am going to try and keep my regular post day as Wednesday every week! But please bare with me if I fail to upload, I have got a few writing projects going on at the moment on top of university. I do promise however to try and stick to this schedule though!

Over the next few days I am going to be running polls on Instagram as to what posts people want to see or read (@niamhslife_) but If you do have any suggestions please leave them in the comments or message me via twitter (@niamhslifee) or on Instagram!

Niamh xx


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