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Lets talk dream jobs...

Well pretty self explanatory.. I am a journalism student, so I want to be a journalist! SHOCK!

This is a question that you get asked continuously throughout your life and I don't know whether you ever stop getting asked the question really. We all go through the stages when we are younger of becoming a teacher or a nurse or a train driver or an astronaut… and in all honesty I think our dream jobs change all the time! I know mine do!

I finally decided about a year ago that I wanted to write, I wanted a job where I could be creative and write. When looking round universities, degrees like psychology (which I originally thought would be my dream) was just not and then I happened to sit in on a journalism lecture and knew this is what I wanted to do.

So what area do I want to go into? Honestly I have no real idea. I love the idea of being an investigative journalist and uncovering the truth in all corners of the world and its an area that really grabs me but equally PR is very enticing.

I suppose only time will tell as to what I go into and it will probably change next week again.
What is your dream job? Or career aspirations?

Love Niamh x


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