What am I worth?

To know your own worth... What is worth and how is it established? Well, the Oxford dictionary states that its 'the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.' Socially people consider worth as where you stand within society, how important you are and how much you contribute? On a personal level, it is simply how much you are loved.

As a blogger my worth is assessed all the time... How many page views do I have? What is my current domain authority? How many followers do I have? and this is constantly asked and searched for from others directed at me.

It could be very easy to get bogged down by all of this but in perfect honesty, I would prefer that one person read my posts and loved what they were reading than millions who didn't really care.

As my blog has grown in the past 6-9 months I am getting emails from companies asking for me to work with them... a lot I just delete, some I read and others get a reply. I want to work with others who have a clear mission. There is nothing I love more than writing about what I'm passionate about.

At the start of the year, I helped write a chapter for a book (voluntarily) because it was about something that I feel so strongly about. I have written for a charity (link below) and I'm currently in the process of writing for another because yet again I feel so strongly about these topics.

I feel like a lot of the time bloggers and everyone gets bogged down by how much money they can earn etc and they use that to assess their worth. I think worth is more than that it is about the positive impact you leave behind you. If my blog helps at least one person I will be happy, or even makes someone smile, or that someone just looks forward to whenever I decide to sporadically post. KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH is basically the message of this post!

Love Niamh x



  1. Love this! Honestly, it can get sickening when you get bogged down with the numbers about your 'worth' especially when brands say no to collaborating with you because of it. It's not worth it though, blogging should be enjoyable!

    I hope you have a lovely new year! xx


    1. Thank You! So very true! I hope your new year is amazing xxx

  2. Yes! It is so important to know your own worth! I hardly look at my stats, simply because I blog because I love it.

    1. Yes exactly doing what you love is far more important than any numbers.


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