Getting out of the blogging slump...

Hi everyone and happy new year! (Yes I know it's Febuary but life has just been a bit busy.) Actually wait i'm lying... I have literally done nothing over January but go to work, so I have had plenty of time to write posts but I just have not been motivated at all.

The "blogger slump" all us bloggers get it. Where either the amount of work gets to overwhelming, having a blog is way more work than one would think. You just have other priorities at the time such as work or exams. Or you just very simply need a break.

Anyway, I am now back at university ready for semester two and honestly i'm most productive with my blog when I have a lot of other things going on... strangly. It's probably a form of procatination... all the important work I have got to get done VS writing a blog post (but hey at least i'm being productive.)

So this year I have some exciting things going on, blog related and just in genral. So get prepared for some good content hopefully on a weekly basis. If you want to keep more up to date with my day to day life follow me on Instagram: @niamhadams_ or Twitter: @niamhadams__

 Niamh x


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