Social Media. An addiction?

Social Media a supposed essential part of any generation X/Millennials life. But how much do we actually rely on it and would it be possible to live without it in todays modern society?

Truthfully especially in the younger generation it would be pretty hard. Even at university I have to go on an app to find out what room I am in for my lecture, let alone all my work being posted on a website. So, getting my degree would be pretty impossible without access to the internet on a daily basis.

Social media is truthfully an addiction, once you are hooked you kind of feel lost without checking it. The general comment of that’s very "instagramable" is one that is thrown around on the daily. Brunch in a cute, independent cafe with little cacti on the table turns into a mini photoshoot and then coincidently posted on Instagram.

We feel the need to tell our followers about every single part of our daily lives, but it can sometimes be equally as liberating to just turn it off for the day and not feel the pressure of it in our daily lives.

The latest concept of just having an hour to yourself a day, where you don't go on any technology and instead you read a book, go for a walk, meditate or do some sport is something I am trying to install in my daily life. I have been trying it this week and I have not only felt better for it, but I have been way more productive in what I am doing for that hour. I am currently reading Stacey Dooley's book which I love and very much recommend.

Let me know what you think below.

Love, Niamh xx

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