Fierce Women in Media

On Wednesday the 6th of March I attended the Fierce Women in Media conference in Leeds, it was one of the most empowering and motivational talks I have ever been to, to say the least.

The first panel consisted of the investigative journalist Ellie Flynn and Annie Price who filmed an amazing documentary based off of her life. This panel was also hosted by Lindsey Russel who is also amazing at her job and has achieved so much. The women are true role models: Ellie Flynn for uncovering injustice towards women including her documentary 'Rent for Sex' and Annie Price for sharing her story with such compassion. Both of them are inspiring and helping women, I felt so privileged to hear about their experiences being 'fierce women in the media'.

The second talk was entitled 'The trail blazers' and was hosted by Naga Munchetty. The women on this panel are truly at the top of their game within the media industry and truly have so much passion for what they are doing and where they are going. The women on the panel were: Renee Hunt, Alice Webb, Jess Fowle and Kathy Louze. Some key quotes I picked out were:

"Pick something you are great at... something that makes your eyes sparkle."

"I get annoyed at women who apologise for being excellent."

If nothing else one thing I learnt was to always be myself.

The final talk I went to of the morning was called the 'trendsetters' and was hosted by Stephanie Hirst and the Panel consisted of Lauren Mahon (girlvscancer), Caroline O’Donoghue and Jo Booth. They were chatting about social media and how to become a 'big' platform. Something key was to have an authentic relationship with your readers/followers/listeners. Social media gives us the opportunity to be an expert in something even if we are not and it gives us the chance for people to know who you really are. The power of storytelling was discussed, and I can relate from my own experience: telling a story and people listening, relating and engaging is something so powerful and you can create your own little community of authentic followers and story tellers.

The overall morning was inspiring to say the least and quite honestly amazing. I have never felt more empowered and motivated to continue working hard both at my degree and my blog.

Love, Niamh xx


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