Am I now vegetarian?

So, for the last nine weeks I have been trying to eat (mostly) vegetarian. I say mostly because there were a few times where I went out for food and I broke it... but I haven’t physically bought any meat for me too cook at home (if that makes sense). 

I did this mostly for my health to see if I could see a reduction in symptoms especially in my PoTS ( ‘Deliciously Ella’ definitely inspired this after she went plant based for her PoTS and noticed a difference.

Was I going to faint less? Would my blood pressure stay a bit more stable? Would my heart rates be less excessive? Let’s see...

I have actually noticed a huge difference. I was a bit skeptical but I have been feeling a lot better, I have noticed I have been getting a lot less blood pressure swings, I am not being sick (like I was) and I have actually fainted a lot less.

I have even noticed a difference between the days where I have eaten meat: I would be a lot more bloated, drowsy and dizzy.

So, am I going to keep it up? Most definitely, yes as much as I can, I think the improvement is too big to ignore and I feel healthier.

As a little disclaimer I am in no way an expert in this and do not take this as advice as something you should do unless you have spoken to a doctor about it first because every case is different.

Love, Niamh xx


  1. Adopting a vegetarian diet can be the perfect way to stay healthy and happy. Vegetarian food is also easy for the body to digest, takes lesser time to cook, is healthy and most importantly saves your money. Vegetables are vital not just for our healthy living but for the environment too.


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