Camp America - Week One!

I said a boom-chicka-boom, I said a boom-chicka-rock-chicka-boom!
You can't ride in my little red wagon... 
Everywhere we go, people want to know, where we come from, so we tell them...

The first week of camp is over! I am now also fluent in camp songs!

Honestly feels like I have been here a month not just a short week but I can truthfully say it has been one of the best weeks EVER (shoutout to LINX camps, if you know, you know). 

I have been in staff training all week pretty much minus the fourth of July. Getting us up to scratch on all the ins and outs of how the camp works and how to be the best camp councillors we can be!

On the fourth, we spent the day in Boston which did not disappoint, with the gorgeous weather and the stunning views of the city, it was the perfect day. We saw fireworks on the evening of the third, insane, nothing like the UK. I have never seen so many fireworks being set off at once to be perfectly honest!

I am loving every second of camp, bring on week two where I am thrown in and I have my own group and I teach them tennis! Along with other sports like flag football?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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