Twenty things I have learnt in twenty years...

For my twentieth birthday, I thought I would give something a go, that I have admittedly seen lots of others do, twenty things I have learnt in twenty years...

Enjoy the pictures from my teenage years!

1) It doesn't matter what or how others are doing it only matters what or how you are doing.
 Don't compare yourself to others. Success is relative.

2) Friends come and go.
I have learnt that this year. The people you think will be in your life forever, might not be and that is okay. You grow apart and make new friends.

3) I really love art galleries!
I discovered this in Washington over summer. It is a place I just feel calm. 

4) The best conversations happen late at night!
Some of the most valuable conversations I have had have happened in the dead of night when everyone else is sleeping. Cough, cough Eleanor!

5) Everything happens for a reason! I really do believe this.
If you asked 14-year-old me where she would like to be when she was 20, it was probably a completely different answer to how it really is. That is because of situations and decisions I have made along the way.

6) If it scares you, you should probably do it!
Throwing yourself into situations that terrify you is the only way to grow. And quite often they end up being the best decisions of your life.

7) There is nothing a cup of tea can't do!

8) You find friends in the most unlikely of places!
Some of my best friends now were found in places I would have never imagined.

9) Travelling and exploring are so essential.
From finding a new coffee shop in the same town you live to travelling to the other side of the globe, it is what excites me.

10) Do not let anything stand in your way if you want to do something go and do it!

11) It is okay to cut people out you don't want in your life anymore.
If that person isn't supporting you in your goals and aspirations. What is the point?

12) Do the thing you want to do!
Don't let others stop you. You want to start a blog? Go do it!

13) Harry Styles is the best person to ever walk this earth.

14) Say yes to as many opportunities as possible.

15) But it is also okay to say no.

16) Your gut feeling on something/someone is probably right.
Always listen to it.

17) You know you best.

18) It is okay to ask for help.
You don't have to do everything on your own.

19) Life moves fast!
It only feels like yesterday I turned 16!

20) Laughing is so important and finding others who make you laugh!
What's the point in being close to anyone in any way unless they make you smile!

Here's to being twenty!


Niamh xx


  1. Happy birthday! Brilliant lessons and you are lucky to have so much wisdom at twenty. It's taken me twice as long to learn some of those things. X


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