Can we ever shop ethically?

The fast fashion industry has been in conversation for years and not in the best light when it comes to the environment and ethics. 

The move to second hand shopping has been remarkable with Depop taking centre stage, especially within generation Z. 

Re-selling sites are designed to have second hand fashion at an affordable price, which is an amazing hit with teenagers and young people. Especially as it is all on an app and just at a click of button. 

Nevertheless, recent conversation has been on whether Depop is now becoming gentrified? 

Some sellers are firstly buying fast fashion to just resell at a higher price. I am fairly sure that isn't ethical. 

Plus if you are selling something from a fast fashion website for £30 on Depop when it was only £10 on their website surely then people are just going to buy from their website, I know I would, therefore just contributing to fast fashion AGAIN!

In addition a new "trend" is now to buy clothes from charity shops and then inflate the prices massively, therefore making a very big profit. Entrepreneurial I will give them that. 

The problem with this however is: 

  1. It is taking large stocks away from charity shops. 
  2. Which therefore means those who rely on charity shops for clothes aren't getting the clothes they need.
  3. It also just defeats the purpose of making second hand clothing affordable especially designer clothes.
  4. Which then makes fast fashion the more affordable option again.
There is just then this endless cycle of ethics going on. 

I think Depop is great and has so many great assets and the majority of people on them are doing a great job however a few are going off track!

So what is the best solution?

I think buying from charity shops is the best answer. Ideally charity shops would learn the value of designer items therefore, the money can stay within the charity. Nonetheless, buying as few items as possible and not excessively. Also re-contributing to charity shops so they have a constant cycle of  clothes. Seems the best option. 

I think there is no easy way to be completely ethically sound when it comes to fashion but being more conscious, avoiding fast fashion and buying second hand from charity shops as well as reselling sites and buying items that will last longer is the best way to go about it. 



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