Accessibility of slow fashion...

In my latest blog posts I have been discussing the benefits of slow fashion and shopping sustainably, however, I am well aware it isn't as easy as I make it out to be and I wanted to recognise that. Here are three reasons why it isn't as easy.

1) It takes so much time!

Going through charity shop rails can take up so much time and more often than not you come away with nothing! Especially if you are on the hunt for something specific. For example, I have been on the hunt for a black denim jacket for weeks. I searched a range of charity shops across the country and searched Depop but didn't find anything I particularly liked. So today I fell into the trap of ordering off Asos because I had a discount code and it took me under five minutes to find what I wanted...

2) It can cost more!

When buying from ethical brands it will often cost more. This is because to be more sustainable the cost of manufacturing and the material themselves go up, therefore meaning the retailer has to charge more for the product. 

3) Access in general. 

I am quite lucky that where I live there are quite a lot of charity, vintage and second hand shops however I know for some people this isn't the case so it can make shopping sustainably harder for them. 

I think the main reason in writing this is to say you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to always and only shop second hand/sustainably. I think as long as you are conscious and trying your best that is okay. 




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