Fashion: 5 ways to become more sustainable...

 1) Shop in charity shops:

Charity shops are not only cheaper but far better for the environment. Shopping second hand/thrifting around your local charity shops can be fun but also quite frustrating if you can't find anything specific. If you are looking for really specific items often using clothing reselling sites such as Depop can be great and much less time consuming and still just as good for the planet!

2) Make your own clothes:

You don't even need to be amazing at sewing to do this! You can completely up-cycle an old shirt by just following a YouTube tutorial and then BAM a brand new item of clothing for you. Equally for those of you who are a bit savvier on the sewing machine if you find some material you like why not try making something?

3) Shop in small business':

Small, independent business' often are far more sustainable and the clothes are made locally which is far better for the planet!

4) Mend your clothes:

Next time you clothes rip or a button falls off instead of just throwing it away (I know I am guilty of this) why not try mending it?

5) Buy less:

Just buying fast fashion less and trying to make your clothes last longer is a good option but often within fast fashion, they are designed only to last a few months. So why not try buying slightly more expensive clothes that you will have for years. I know this is hard as a student but that is why charity shops are ideal!


Niamh x


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