Why have I become lazy with social media?

Before very recently social media was a massive part of my life. I would spend hours a day scrolling, liking, retweeting, sharing and posting. These days however I find myself slightly more withdrawn. I can’t tell you the last time I properly went through my feed on Twitter, instagram or Facebook. I will maybe look at the firt few photos on Instagram or the “what you have missed” on Twitter. As for Facebook that is long gone and I naturally only use it to look up people or to post the odd photo to let all my family know I am around! I am even finding myself becoming lazy on snapchat!

Why is this? I’ve been asking myself because I still do post on social media just nothing much seems to be grabbing me. I suppose the real reason is because of how fake and minimising social media can be don’t get me wrong it has great qualities and I do enjoy it but equally the amount of hate I’ve come to see on it upsets me so naturally I distance myself . Equally how negative everything can be it even seems like a good story can be flipped and is that something I want to be apart of? 

I have also become a lot more focused on the future and what I actually want to do with my life. I want to be putting my time and energy to those things rather than scrolling through a seemingly pointless feed.

Social media nonetheless has helped me over the years and has made me find my own style, what I’m interested in and has only aided my social life. I am a strong supporter of social media. 

I guess what I am trying to say is simple really is that I’ve  become slightly disinterested. We live in an age where fake news dominates the media and ethical standards seem to be dropping. I think personally I want to know the real story and what exactly is happening in the world, explore for myself and become more creative in my style. I want stuff I talk about to matter and help others which is why I love this blog so much. Maybe this is just a phase. Who knows? 

Niamh xx


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