Interrailing around Europe...

How do you begin to explain one of the best experiences of your life? Seeing the world (well 5 countries) and making the best memories. This is my journey interrailing around Europe with my friend Amy.

Lets start at the beginning in Paris, which we were lucky to see, considering we narrowly made our train. On your interrail ticket it says to arrive at the station half an hour before your journey, be there an hour before! We arrive in Paris and after wandering up several wrong streets we find our hostel, Which is basic at best and the facilities were indescribable and its probably best I don't describe the shower anyways... Nevertheless we set out for the afternoon in true tourist spirit and saw as much of Paris as we could and getting the most candid photos possible. The Eiffel Tour, the Musee du louvre and the arc de Triomphe all featuring. The second day in Paris was spent in Disney land where Amy achieved her ambition in owning gold sparkly ears. To say this day was magical would be an understatement, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

The next morning we elighted the train to Amsterdam, in plently of time! This was by far our smoothest journey minus the difficulty we encountered when faced with the immense challenge of finding our hostel, which was far from the centre and probably in the dodgiest area on Amsterdam! The room itself was a blinding yellow, you needed sunglasses on permanently! We stayed three days in Amsterdam in which we visited the Anne Frank house, this was so interesting and something I would definetly recommend doing, the I AMSTERDAM sign, vondelpark which was so beautiful and where I managed to burn my already bruised shoulders! We also visited the red light district which was well... interesting. The time and money we managed to spend in Primark was remarkable but it is the biggest Primark in Europe, so who could blame us? It was definetly one of the best Primarks we have ever been in, it was also where Amy decided she needed to buy another suitcase to fit all her purchases in! We also ate the best pancakes in @pancakesamstedam (Instagram).

From Amsterdam we got the train to Berlin (which inevitably broke down) and after learning german for 5 years I still couldn't understand any of those announcements! Zug is train and that is about all I knew! When we made it to Berlin our hostel was by far the best one we had stayed in so far, we even got a room to ourselves for the first night! Berlin is by far my favourite city and we saw all the usual sights including the Reichstag. We also went on a street art tour in Berlin which was so interesting ( it was alternative to the normal city tour and much more suited to our age group. It was amazing and I learnt so much. On our third night we arrive back to our hostel after a full day out to find some man lying topless on Amy's bed and all our belongings gone! The lockers had been gone through and our passports, train tickets and ipads were missing! Naturally I'm very panicked and angry, so after establishing that this guy had nothing to do with it I storm down to reception and start having a go at the women there, she firstly offered us a beer (in true german spirit) and then informed us that all our stuff had been moved to a new room. In her defence she was very nice and very apologetic but we should have been told. In the end we got offered a free dinner and drinks which we took! The new room was in fact very nice and we left the next morning to embark the train to Prauge.

The train to Prauge was one confusing train! It took us half an hour of squeezing past people and much frustration to adventually find our seats! This is where we met Leah, Orla, Katrina and Sarah and where we discovered we were in the same hostel. Unlike me and Amy who were in a 26 female dorm in the basement they had a room for the four of them (which me and Amy ended up crashing in). Well, nearing the end of our train journey we throught we were all amazing, as we were the first off the train at some deserted train station at the edge of Prauge, until we realised that in fact we were at the wrong station! So with a slight delay we arrive at our hostel, get ready and go out for some dinner and a look around. Prauge is by far one of the prettiest cities and very cheap despite their currency being very confusing! We then arrived back at our hostel up in their luxurious room and started pre drinks, after me and Orla had a great deal of trouble in finding the off liscence which was literally outside the hostel! We then went out for the night. The next morning, after a very slow start and a brief visit to the police (guard) station we saw the John Lennon wall and the King Charles bridge. We also hopped on some random tram and arrived at the cathedral. We admired all the scenery and ate some amazing food. Prauge was definetly the highlight of the trip for me!

Me and Amy then continued our trip to Venice, our final stop. This was a night train... worst expirence of my life! I would urge anyone if at all possible avoid night trains. We were in a carriage of four and me and Amy were assigned the top bunks, which were up a wobbly ladder and were half the size of a normal single bed with no barriers! We were scared to move and everytime the train stopped I was so aware of the risk of me falling to my death! If that wasn't bad enough I was really badly travel sick on this train for some reason or another! All in all I got about one hour of sleep but nonetheless we arrived in at yet again the wrong train station at 8am and we started our journey around Venice. We explored the little streets, ate ice cream, crossed bridges, ate Pizza and sat by the waters edge watching the gondala's go by. We were very thankful for our beds that night and slept soundly in by far the best hostel of the trip. The next day we took a boat over to lido beach, where we spent our last day. We then got ready for our final night in which I ate the best lasagne of my life! Venice is a very pretty city and we were amazed how everything is done on the water!

This whole trip was by far one of the best things I've every done and I'm so grateful I was able to expirence and see the things I did and meet some lovely people along the way. How close can you get to a group of girls in 24 hours? Very is the answer! I would definety recommend it to anyone and I hope to explore other areas in the future!

Love Niamh x

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  1. This sounds like such an incredible experience and I'd love to go to all the places you went! I've already been to Paris / France a good 6 times - including Disney (my favourite place on EARTH) but I'd love to go to Amsterdam and Germany too :) Sorry your train broke down!


    1. Amsterdam and Berlin were amazing! I would definitely recommend going!

  2. I'm so so jealous! I'm desperate to go inter railing - it seems like such an amazing experience! I'd love to visit all the places you visited (although I've already been to a couple before). I'm hoping next year will be the year!

  3. Hope u have an amazing time if you do go! I would recommend it to anyone it is such an amazing experience!

  4. I really want to try Interrailing! Also, you've literally gone to 3/4 of the cities on my travel list so I'm very jealous, and also bookmarking this for when I go haha

    Jas xx |

    1. When you go let me know! Would love to know what you think of the places xx

  5. Sounds an incredible journey! Loved reading this so much xx

  6. It sounds like you had an incredible journey my lovely, besides the night train! The photos are stunning too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan


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