You're wearing the second dirtiest thing on earth...

As many of you know I am a big fan of the investigative journalist Stacey Dooley and her recent documentary "fashions dirty secrets".

This specific documentary looks into the awful impacts that the fashion industry has on the environment:
  • The amount of water used in the manufacturing of cotton and how it has dried up a whole sea leaving it as desert!
  •  How the factories are polluting water purposely with toxic chemicals and waste.  
When you think of all the polluters on earth you would never guess that the manufacturing of clothes come second! You would naturally think car fumes or plastic would be more consequential with the amount of stress that gets placed on it. BUT NO what you are wearing has more of an impact on the environment.

Stacey's documentary makes the key statement of "not buying that one cheap tee that you will only wear once". Like we are cutting back on plastic we should be cutting back on our consumption of cotton.

I love shopping, I do. I love buying new clothes but this documentary and the more research I have done into the topic outlines the serious consequences it is having on our planet, so I don't know about you but I will definitely be trying to contribute that bit less to the toxic industry and only buy clothes I love rather than just buying the tee for the sake of it!

Niamh x


  1. I haven't watched this documentary yet but I've heard so much about it. It is such a shock to hear about how much of an impact it has on the environment - like you said, you would probably think of car fumes or plastic being worse seeing as we hear about it so often. I'm so glad this is being spoken about a lot more now.

    Chloe x

    1. It's definitely a really important issue that needs to be addressed!


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