Dealing with challenges...

 I am back with a bit of an advice post, I am by no way an expert in the field and the "challenges" I have faced do not nearly amount to something someone else has faced but thought this may be a good post to share thoughts, comments, build a really helpful and caring post that others may find comfort in. 

'Challenges', as such, can been seen in many different ways from struggling at work or school to something being thrown into your life that stops and changes everything how you once knew it.

I honestly believe everything happens for a reason which is very cliché but it is probably the one thing that gets me through tough situations. Currently it may seem really grim but there is a greater plan and this has all happened for a reason and it WILL get better.

When I was first diagnosed my life changed, hospitals became very familiar, I had to stop playing sports which was a large part of my life and I was pretty unhappy but now four years down the line I look back and think it has definitely turned into a positive within my life, in a sense; I would have never have met so many amazing, inspiring people, I would have not had all the experiences I have had, I would probably not have this blog and I would definitely not be writing this post.

We all have a pre-set idea of how our lives are meant to be and how they are meant to turn out and when something goes wrong it can seem disastrous but that plot twist can lead to something so beautiful.

Keep an open mind, don't shut down when something goes wrong, you are much stronger than you think you are and remember this to will pass and you will hopefully look back and smile at all its taught you!

Love, Niamh xx


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