Get ready, it is episode two...

As I write this my Instagram messages are piling up with demands for this post! So sit down and buckle up for episode two of this series I am now creating on the 'worst doctors appointment I have ever had'. 

I am literally just sat here laughing at myself! Who do I think I am 'episode two'? Haha oh well, enjoy and if you haven't read the first chapter here is the link:

So following the first post I received loads of messages asking me if it was Doctor X at this or that hospital. First of all, I am shocked that so many of you have had such awful experiences and I am so sorry but unfortunately the answer to all but one of you was no. 

Turns out I and another girl who had me on Instagram had the same experience with the same doctor at the same hospital! I am as shocked as you are that this has happened and the person my physio mentioned 'You're not the first person to come out of an appointment with that doctor and to have cried.' read my blog!

We decided that we might as well join forces and make a joint complaint about the doctor because surely they would have to listen to two people! 

So I have filed a complaint and I am waiting for a reply. Who knows if it will be anything decent, so let's not get our hopes up, but it has been bought to the hospital's attention. 

I think it's so terrible that someone has had the same experience as me with the same doctor and after googling the doctor we are not alone in our opinion on them. :) 

Really do live for the drama and following the last post I have actually been contacted about some rather exciting opportunities. Always a positive!

Stay tuned for episode three... it could be the finale, it could not be... let's see the outcome. 

Love, Niamh xx


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