Dealing with post travelling blues...

After spending three months in the states adjusting back to normal university life has been hard.

First of all, there is the rain, it never stops raining in the north of England! Coming from pretty much 24/7 sun and heat to twelve degrees and rain, well its pathetic fallacy for my mood quite frankly.

Secondly, I have been ill, I got the flu, probably from constantly being wet and cold. Or from the natural diseases that bread in a student house.

Thirdly, I have more work now I am in second year, to be honest, anything is more than the literal no work I did in first year!

I had the best time in the states from working at camp (with all its highs and lows) to travelling after and getting back to the mundane has been difficult but here are some tips for anyone else feeling the post-summer blues:

  1.  Keep yourself busy. Plan things that make you excited and always have something to look forward to. 
  2.  Talk to people you spent your time travelling with, they probably understand best what you are going through. 
  3.  Know your current situation is not permanent, you will be doing what you love again and you will adjust back to normal life and enjoy the work again. 
  4.  Throw yourself into something new to keep yourself occupied. 
  5.  Start planning your next adventure! No better way to get over the previous than to go on another. 
Niamh xx


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