Three days in Philadelphia...

Philadelphia is by far one of our favourite places we visited in America over the summer.

We stayed in Queens Village which from what we saw was a lovely neighbourhood, quite arty and nice to walk through, very conveniently located and I always felt safe walking around it.

So after a nine-hour coach journey from Boston, we arrived into Philly at 6am! Pale, delirious and very much sleep deprived our first port of call was a Starbucks.  Where we sat for hours trying to gain some sort of strength. Don't ever get an overnight bus it isn't worth it!

Nonetheless, after a few hours, we discovered the Philly Flash bus! It is a bus that costs $5 for the entire day and takes you to all the major tourist destinations. We bought passes for all three days, it is so worth it!

Our first stop was the Rodin Museum which was very pretty but in our sleep-deprived state I can't say we took any information in but I do remember the grounds were beautiful.

The next day, after some much-needed sleep, we went to see the liberty bell and independence hall. Both free to visit and very interesting. Followed by the afternoon spent in Eastern State Penitentiary, which is something I highly recommend doing, you do have to pay to get in but you get an audio tour around it and it takes up all the afternoon and we learnt so much. I think it was my favourite thing we did in Philly. 

Our final day in Philly was spent seeing the Rocky steps and remaking the movie scene, going to see the classic LOVE and I heart Philly signs in the LOVE PARK. Then going to the magic gardens on South street. Basically just being massive tourists!

We loved Philadelphia and wished we had longer in the city, I got the feeling that it was a very arty, up and coming city which we loved. I would highly recommend stopping by Philadelphia if you are travelling the East coast. 

Love, Niamh xx


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