How I have been making face coverings...

In the current climate it is now compulsory (in the UK) to wear face masks/coverings in shops and on public transport. I have been making mine and some for my family and friends and this is how I did it:

1) Get two pieces of fabric 25cm by 15cm of any material you want this could be old clothing or bedding if you want to up-cycle or any bought material. 

2) then lay one piece of material right side up and tac four pieces of elastic (for a tie around the back mask) to each corner with them facing inwards. For a mask that goes over your ears loop 2 pieces of elastic connecting each corner. 

3) Next place the other piece of material upside down and tac it to the elastic and other piece of material. 

4) Sew around the edges using a sewing machine or by hand leaving a small hole at the bottom. Preferably back stitching and going over the elastic several times to make sure it is secure. 

5) Pull the material through the hole so the mask is the right way round.

6) Then pin up the whole and create two folds In the material either going down or inwards. (Pictured below.)

7) Following that sew around all the edges. Remove the pins and you have a face mask!

Niamh x


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